About us

Our insitute is new, for a new era. Dr. Monika Griefahn founded the institute in January 2012 as Monika Griefahn GmbH (LLC).

Our concept is based on holistic quality through cultural communication. Our aim is to replace greenwashing with a new positive paradigm.

The harsh reality is that most institutional efforts to be sustainable are failing...The trend goes beyond failure to limit greenhouse gas emissions, to mountains of debts which fuel speculation and leaders caring less and less for their neighbors.


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True sustainability – holistic quality – needs a change in the way of thinking. Of course everybody said that for years, but how to achieve it?

For us culture is the key to holistic quality. Humans are cultural beings. They are capable of re-designing their environments, and would do well to take nature as their model.

Our aim is to to convey this in our educational work with young people. We do this by working with companies or organizations who really want to change something. We work with them in depth to implement intelligent concepts for ownership and mobility. We support strategies to make consumption positive, useful and diverse.

Achieving holistic quality requires customized and personalized solutions. We would only discredit our concept if we used standardized solutions.

Our know-how

Our competence is based on longterm experience in the field of culture and environmental responsibility in politics. Under the umbrella topics of media, environment, and culture we offer valuable contacts in the fields of economy, science, society, and politics as well as a wide network of experts, citizens and initiatives. And we bring our reputation for personal commitment to the table.

Our service for you

-    Consultancy for implementing holistic quality in companies and other organizations
-    University courses and wide-ranging educational work
-    Organizing campaigns and events

IMUK principles

IMUK staff use public transportation for business trips wherever possible.
If airplane travel cannot be avoided, IMUK supports projects, which help climate compensation.
IMUK prefers Cradle to Cradle-optimized products, or sustainable and/or fair trade alternatives.